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Math Programs

UPDATE - 9 30 23 - 3D Multi Objects that rotate, revolve

UPDATE - 3 7 23 - 3D Rotating Revolving Object Program

UPDATE - 4 4 22 - Matrix Vector 2D 3D Calculator

UPDATE - 1 2 22 - New controls have been coded for the JS 3D Cube Rendering Engine .

UPDATE - 5 24 21 - a Matrix Calculator had been added.

UPDATE - 1 12 20 - a JS 3D Cube Rendering Engine - Solid Cube program has been added.

UPDATE 2 - 8 20 19 - a JS 3D Cube Rendering Engine has been added.

UPDATE - 8 19 19 - I have uploaded the first math program for dcwendeavors today. The program is a matrix multiplier that I wrote myself, using JavaScript. The program is located on the Other math programs or calculators page.

3D Programming

Javascript-based programs and calculators that graph 3D shapes and other images or scenes.

Other math programs or calculators

UPDATE! A matrix calculator , has been added in this category on 5 24 21.

Calculus programs

Mostly conventionally unsolvable derivatives and integrals.

A few math-related quotes...

"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater."

Albert Einstein

"Mathematics has beauty and romance. It's not a boring place to be, the mathematical world. It's an extraordinary place; it's worth spending time there."

Marcus du Sautoy

"Some mathematician, I believe, has said that true pleasure lies not in the discovery of truth, but in the search for it."