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3D Multi Objects that Rotate, Revolve

Hello, thank you for visting this page!

This program, coded in html, css, and javascript, and a continuing process for me in reverse engineering Dionysis' video tutorial Vanilla Javascript 3D cube, takes the entire 3D process a little further.

To get started:

  1. Enter 1 to 8 objects.Then click the 'Add Objects (limit 8)' button.
  2. Enter the central axis coordinate point of each object (its own origin point, in other words). I would advise an x, y, z point such as (20, 10, 30), for example. The graph limits for any x, y, or z values is 45 (but don't worry if you enter a higher number - the program will compensate for this).
  3. Access each object's controls via the tabs.
  4. This program is mostly mobile-responsive, but still might need some updates. I highly recommend using this program on a larger screen, preferably on a laptop screen or a desktop computer monitor.
  5. If you find any other issues with this program, please contact me at

Link to the program: 3D Multi Objects that Rotate, Revolve.