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A little bit more info about this site :-)

As mentioned on the home page, I like to write sci-fi novels whenever I can find the time, especially sci-fi novels that include romance themes.

Otherwise, I like to do web design and development, or any other computer programming or software engineering I might be working on, such as 3D programming. I also have a bachelor's degree in math :-)

This particular website is primarily for Syrrah's Game, as far as the Syrrah's Game series is concerned. The second novel in the series, SG2, is currently named SG2: Resolute Quest and will have its own page on the SGSequels website. I plan on writing as many novels in this series as time will allow. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for any of the subsequent stories, please let me know. Since I currently no longer have the forum up and running, please send me an email (see my email address listed below). Thank you.

This website was designed and coded with the Laravel PHP framework, along with Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Additionally, these Bootstrap templates/themes helped me along the way too, check out their site:

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