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3D Rotating Revolving Object Program

Hello, all my web visitors! Thank you for visiting! Here I present to you another one of my projects, completed on 3 7 23 :-)

As explained by the title, this program involves a simple object capable of rotating, revolving, and rotating while revolving.

To begin, I would recommend inputting x = 10, y = 5, and z = 25 to get a good look at the object.

Then, have some fun with this crazy guy! Note that cw stands for clockwise and ccw stands for counter-clockwise. But, to get you started, here below are my recommendations:

The main javascript 3D rendering engine for this program is a further reverse engineering process by me of dionysis initial program, Vanilla Javascript 3D cube. I simply built my code around the main core functions of that initial program, and then extrapolated further out from there.

You can find out more by reading this blog detailing my reverse engineering effort of the JS 3D rotating cube to program my Matrix Vector 2D 3D Calculator.

Oh, a few more things I wanted to point out:

Also, eventually, I would like to write a blog about my mathematical journey in creating this program.

If you find any bugs in this program, please contact me at Thank you :-)

Current rotation speed: 10mx (1 <= ms <= 1000)

Enter an x y z point for the object axis: (range: x:-25 to 25, y:-25 to 25, z:-25 to 25)

Current revolution speed: 500ms (1 <= ms <= 1000)