Read. Observe. Learn. :-) DCW Endeavors

Seven people trapped in another dimension…and time is not on their side…

Just moments after driving away from a near miss accident in their Suburban, Lang and his son Evan notice another Suburban, exactly like theirs, parked at the same spot on the highway where the accident almost took place.
And Lang is certain he hadn’t seen this other Suburban earlier.
Yet this is only the start to a series of unexplainable, terrifying events that ultimately lands Lang and Evan in a secretive underground U.S. Air Force base. There, along with five other people experiencing the same mysterious affliction, they hope and pray that help from USAF specialists will come soon.
But as hours drag on, wondering thoughts arise. Could it be they’re all simply becoming superheroes, with appearances and powers they never imagined as possible? Or is this some type of sick, convoluted experiment that crushes their faith and continues to frighten them to their very core?
After all, moving in an eyeblink and passing through solid objects shouldn’t come with such extreme consequences…and a twelve-year-old boy should increase in height as time proceeds forward…