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Matrix Calculator

Hello, all my web visitors! This is another one of my math programming adventures :-)

I styled this matrix calculator, since I wasn't sure where to begin, similarly to the Math Is Fun matrix calculator. Please see that great website for more, a website full of difficult math concepts made easy-to-learn! I do want to add, however, that most of the JavaScript code is my own, for this calculator, save for a few snippets of JS code for interacting with CSS/HTML, and the code to create a dynamic HTML table - I found that helpful code on Mozilla's website. Feel free to check out the source code on this page if you're curious how I programmed this calculator.

I attempted to find and remove any bugs in this program but there still could be some that pop up anyway. Please email me if you find any, to Thank you :-)

Also, one last thing. So far, I have only been able to code matrix determinants, cofactors, adjoints, and inverses for matrices up to 4x4 in size. I will continue to work on larger ones, though maybe only for matrices up to 5x5 in size...yet who knows, I could do matrices up to 10x10, the limit of any calculations for this calculator, similar to the limit I used for my matrix multiplier.

Matrix Calculator

Matrix A

Matrix B