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Hi! My name is DC and this site is dedicated to my projects and interests. I like to write sci-fi novels when I have the time, and I also do web design/development, work on learning 3D programming, and occasionally work on embedded programming and certain math programs. Syrrah's Game is the first in a series of novels I am writing. I'm currently working on the 3rd sequel to Syrrah's Game. Thank you for visiting!

Update - 3 30 20 - The third novel in the Syrrah's Game series is tentatively titled SG3: Worlds Unreal. Read the short synopsis posted on this web page to get a better idea of the story's main theme. Thank you :-)

Syrrah's Game

Lang and his son Evan become trapped in another dimension. Not only trapped, but everything around them begins to change. Dimensions appear larger. Sounds travel slower. And time...well, could time be progressing backwards? Along with five other people from across the world, they are forced to navigate and attempt to unravel the impossible...

SG2: Resolute Quest

Soon after turning 18, Evan heads out to discover the truth about Syrrah, in the hopes this will finally end his burning desire for her and likewise heal the damage he caused in his relationship with his girlfriend Heidi. But his encounter with Syrrah’s past only leads him on a far greater quest than he began, while at the same time making him want, and love, Syrrah, even more.

SG3: Worlds Unreal

Evan, and many of the original characters from Syrrah’s Game, finally learn the truth about our universe, and what they must now do to reach the goal as disclosed to them in Syrrah’s Game.

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